Monte Morris is getting a big step up in playing time and responsibility this year. With Isaiah Thomas not ready for game action or a full training camp workload and Will Barton getting moved to the starting lineup, there are plenty of minutes for a backup point guard who can score, make the right pass, and take care of the ball.

The role seems custom made for Monte Morris, much like the defensive wing role nicely fits Torrey Craig. Both men worked their way off two-way contracts and into full-time gigs with the Denver Nuggets, and share a bunch of commonalities:

Morris says he is ready for the pressure of being a full-time player and having the responsibility of helping the Nuggets to the playoffs. He says the Nuggets are calling Isaiah Thomas “Stephen A. Smith” for his propensity to talk in the locker room already.

“I can’t wait to get out there and pick people up 94 feet… I can’t control whether I make shots or not, but I made a promise to Malone that my energy will always be there.”

He also changed his shot mechanics a bit this summer to try to be a bit more consistent. Morris will have a much bigger role with the Nuggets this year, so hopefully all that work pays off.

Overall, Morris might’ve had the best media day interview out of the entire team. He speaks candidly about relying on Gary Harris for advice, the competitive nature of scrimmages, and a whole lot more.