Our good friend over at CBS Sports Matt Moore just dropped an interesting tidbit of Nuggets news. According to Moore, Mike Miller told him that he has no plans on reitring after the season is done. Now at age 36, Miller has spent the majority of his season with the Nuggets as a mentor and cheerleader from the bench, though he has come in on some spot duty. Denver signed him originally to be a boost to their locker room and help change the poor culture that plagued the team last year.

Miller is best know for his three point shooting prowess which has been to great aid of a plethora of teams in the past. Even this season he has managed to shoot right at league average from three point land at 36.6% on the season (though in fairness that’s on only 41 attempts). Personally I would welcome Miller back next season with open arms. Regardless of who you decide to have as your last man on the bench he’s not going to get playing time, so you might as well fill that role with a guy like Miller who is an excellent locker room presence and essentially is a player-coach. After all, another year of shooting tutelage from Miller to Emmanuel Mudiay can only help.