One of the NBA’s next budding stars reaches his Jordan year at the age of 23 today. During the regular season, he channeled some consistency averaging 19 points and 7 rebounds. He eclipsed his career-high 39 points against Houston, hitting 8 of 12 threes and 13 of 21 from the field.

He truly is one of the NBA’s bright young talents with perennial All-Star potential. He is already one of the most efficient shooters in the game. As young as he is, he still ranked 4th in eFG% this year among players with over 60 games played. Shooting 64% behind Rudy Gobert, Joe Harris, and Joe Ingles.

Following the NBA playoff bubble, one of his offseason focuses was to enhance his midrange game and he did just that. According to Basketball Reference, he was 12th in 2P% this year at about 63%. If you take a deeper dive into that stat, you will notice nine players ahead of MPJ that usually play the center position or get most of their baskets via layup or dunk. MPJ clearly separates himself from those players as he is more of a sniper from the perimeter.

Porter is one of the game’s most efficient three-level scorers, and he already has a track record for progressing in the offseason. During his offseason interviews, he stated a couple areas where he wanted to enhance his game, specifically ball-handling and defense. His All-Star season is approaching, and maybe his Jordan year is the year to manifest it.