The Denver Nuggets made a NBA dream a reality for Michael Porter Jr., and the rookie small forward has already taken advantage of the life-changing opportunity he has been given.

While Michael Porter Jr.’s father, Michael Porter Sr., has a coaching job with the University of Missouri, which likely provides a salary that can provide for the family, no one dislikes getting a new car.

The Nuggets’ forward’s father walked Mom out of the garage, while MPJ leaned against a new Ford SUV. Mom walked towards him, giving him a big hug, and then walking arm in arm over to the new car. While he likely has big goals for the NBA season, he needs to work on his bow game, because that was a small bow on a big car.

Watch the video below, and take a moment to enjoy a happy Mom. Mom’s are the best, so major props to Michael Porter Jr. for doing something nice for his mother. Hopefully his mother is watching the game when he throws down his first dunk in the NBA.