Michael Malone was on Altitude Sports Radio today with Scott Hastings, Ryan Harris, and Josh Dover and discussed possible playoff formats along with other basketball related things, but the most important words he spoke had nothing to do with sports.

This article won't spoil the entire interview, but Malone had some incredibly powerful statements on the recent events of the past week. When asked if he’s talked with his players about the events that went down in Minneapolis, coach Malone mentioned how around five to seven players have stayed in market, but that a lot of conversations have occurred via phone, text conversations, or zoom calls.

“This is bigger than basketball. This is bigger than going to Orlando to play and I know that’s what we get paid to do and because we get paid to do that, me as a coach, our players as professional athletes are given a platform. We have to find a way to use that platform to bring about change, but yes some talks. Talking with Monte Morris and some of the things he grew up seeing, some of racism that he encountered growing up as a young kid coming out of Flint, Michigan. It’s different for everybody. We have seen it in different lights and then even talking to my two daughters and making sure they understand what is going on not just in downtown Denver and not just around this country, you are seeing protests all across the world, which is really remarkable. So talking to them about why the protests are happening and the fact that I don’t have to talk to my daughters about when you go out driving, when that happens that you don’t have to give them a seminar on how to react if you see a police officer or if you get pulled over. We are fortunate. They talk about the “white privilege” or whatever you want to call it. Just making sure they are aware of the injustices, the police brutality, the racism. All the things that we want to skirt over, but are existent and they’re still here. Tough conversations, but meaningful conversations that must be had.”

Incredibly powerful stuff from the Nuggets head coach that should resonate with everyone. Malone discussed how other NBA head coaches around the league had a meeting on Saturday night to discuss how to handle the situation with players and that Doc Rivers said “silence and inactivity can no longer be accepted” which really stuck with him.

“I’m not African American. I’m white. I don’t know what it’s like. I haven’t walked in the shoes, but I want to help.”

Malone also went on to say this in his interview with Altitude:

“I’m not African American. I’m white. I don’t know what it’s like. I haven’t walked in the shoes, but I want to help.”

Now is not the time to be silent. Now is the time to stand up and fight for what is right. The Nuggets head coach is doing just that.

For the rest of the interview, click the link below.