Just a day before the Draft Lottery, the Denver Nuggets have revealed who will represent the team on stage. Drum roll please…Head Coach Michael Malone.

Last week we ran through the gamut of candidates that the Nuggets could have at the podium tomorrow night, and we definitely discussed Coach Malone as a possibility, after all just two years ago it was then head coach Brian Shaw who represented the team. Still, I can't help but feel a bit of disappointment as Nuggets Nation clearly made their voice heard in that piece and they wanted either Supermascot Rocky or strength and conditioning coach Steve Hess.

Josh Kroenke (who has been the representative before) will be in attendance as the teams representative behind the scenes who is actually present in the room when the lottery draw is made. No word as of yet as to whether Josh has any sort of voodoo hex he plans on putting on the room or if coach Malone will attend in full sailor regalia which we requested be a pre-requisite to the coach being nominated.

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