What’s up Stiffs!? Have fun in the game threads!!! Hopefully this game is a good one. Two offenses that are capable of big things in this one. Would love to see some Ty Lawson vs. Shane Larkin. Jose Calderon and Andre Miller would be a fun match up too, but we likely won’t see much of that as Ty and Jose start.

Isaiah Thomas, from the Kings, gave Nate Robinson fits in the first game of the season. He was a quick guard that put Nate Rob on skates all night – will Larkin be able to bring that kind of game off the bench? Will Robinson show the rookie how to get it done in the NBA?

Really want to see the Denver bigs rebound the ball tonight. Dirk is an underrated rebounder that uses position, Sammy Dalembert is a similar guy and will be a challenge for Denver’s athletic big men. J.J. Hickson and Kenneth Faried must realize that position is just as important as athleticism, Brian Shaw said as much this week and used Larry Bird as an example to his players of a good rebounder that relied on technique.

And I'd like to see Hamilton continue to play well on both ends.

Go Nuggets!