The Locked On Nuggets podcast is a podcast dedicated to covering the Denver Nuggets. In this episode, I am joined by Matt Moore of to discuss Tuesday night’s NBA draft lottery. We rank each team 1-5 based on how much they deserve to win, how interesting they would be if they were to win, and how hilarious it would be if they were to win.

On Monday, Matt wrote his annual ranking of which teams deserve to win the lottery the most and placed the Nuggets right in the middle at 7th. You can read that artcile right here.

The podcast provides a nice framework for us to discuss all of the lottery teams and the various implications that come along with winning the draft lottery. Even though the Nuggets hold just a 2.2% chance of moving up into the top three, it is still fun to hold out hope that this year will be the first year in Nuggets franchise history of moving up in the draft order.