Marcus Williams, 6’7″ and 210 pounds, who played for Arizona in college (16.6 points and 6.8 rebounds his sophomore year) and was an MVP in China has signed a one-year contract with the Denver Nuggets. Williams has spent time with both the Clippers and the Spurs in the NBA, as well as some time in the D-League.

Shams Charania broke the news earlier, which has since been confirmed through league sources by our own Jeff Morton:

Williams has an interesting history in that he was the first player bounced from the Chinese league for a positive test for marijuana. China has far more severe rules regarding these sorts of transgressions. He'll have a chance to make the Nuggets roster, but with 16 players in the mix it'll be a long road. Quincy Miller, Erick Green, Jerrelle Benimon, and likely Williams all have deals that are not fully guaranteed, unless they make Denver's roster.

As we get more details we will update here!