Coaches and front office representatives are always a little mysterious during media day. They will say things that the media and fans expect to hear, and sometimes they will throw a curveball.

Michael Malone threw a curveball when talking about the starting power forward position.

Asked about who the starting power forward was going into training camp, Michael Malone stated, "I do." When prompted to share who it was going to be, Malone simply said "no."

He later continued:

“There’s a lot of speculation about that. Obviously, we have Kenneth Faried, who’s a tremendous player. At the end of the season, we kinda toyed around…experimented with a big lineup with Nikola Jokic and Jusuf Nurkic playing together. And we have guys like Danilo Gallinari and Wilson Chandler who are more than capable of playing the 4.”

Now, this is not a large vote of confidence in Faried. He may be viewed as the starter going into training camp…and he may not be. The fact that Malone continued to highlight all of his options at the 4 is a little perplexing.

Contrast this with how he continuously has said that the 2 guard position belongs to Gary Harris when Jamal Murray was added, and it provides two entirely different viewpoints on starters.

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