There is no real offseason for NBA content. In this new age of instant and constant access to our public figures, fans can spend their offseason following their favorite players on social media and getting a small sense of how these athletes spend their down time. That’s not really the case though for Nuggets fans and their star center, Nikola Jokic. In what is shaping up to become a summer ritual for Jokic, the Serbian Sensation quickly disappeared back to his home country after the season ended, where he’ll spend the offseason training (and doing horse stuff, I assume).

We can go weeks, months, during this process without so much as a picture of Big Honey surfacing. Last summer, one of the few—and easily the best—images to appear was that of Jokic with his brothers, strength and conditioning coach Felipe Eichenberger, head coach Michael Malone and his horse, Dreamcatcher, wearing a hat. Dreamcatcher had just won its race and Jokic has quite possibly never been happier. Fingers crossed that another such gem is on the way, as assistant coach Jordi Fernandez told Vic Lombardi of Altitude radio on Tuesday that Malone is in Serbia right now for the second straight summer.

It’s not just Jokic that Malone has made the trip for. As Fernandez explained, Malone will spend a few days in Serbia before heading to Spain to watch Juancho Hernangomez play with the national team. A personal connection with his young players has been a point of pride for Michael Malone and his concerted effort in that arena may very well be a significant factor in their steady improvement.

Just remember Mike. Pics or it didn’t happen.

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