Malik Beasley has been everywhere this offseason, both before and after his Summer League appearance. He headlined the Asia Pacific Team Camp in China for Nike, showed off the Western Union patch for the Denver Nuggets’ new Nike jerseys, and is hosting a basketball camp here in Denver this weekend. He hasn’t stopped working on his own game, though, and even has some predictions for how good the Nuggets will be next year:

Next weekend he’ll be in Atlanta hosting another camp, but he took some time out to talk to Alex Kennedy of Hoops Hype about his first year in the NBA and how he looks going forward. Here’s part of the rundown provided by Hoops Hype:

1:30: Which veterans helped him as he adjusted to the league.
2:20: The aspects of his game that he needs to improve going forward.
3:55: His excellent summer league play and how that helps his confidence.
5:15: What the coaching staff wanted to see from him entering summer league and how they felt about his performance.
9:20: What has been the focus of his offseason training?
11:45: How nice is to see Denver being viewed as an attractive destination for free agents, like Millsap, and what makes the situation so appealing.
15:00: His thoughts on the Kyrie Irving situation, whether the trade demand surprised him and the possibility of Irving landing in Denver.
20:00: Which NBA players Malik watches and models his game after.

It’s just over 20 minutes long, give it a listen!