A couple pieces on the Nuggets have surfaced in the past few days. Let’s take a look:

Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf to Fox Talk: Journey down the rabbit hole – by Zach Harper, CBS Sports
Jeff’s piece on Rauf sparked Harper to write his own, expansive, Nuggets article. A nice walk down memory lane. It’s also kind of crazy that a Timberwolves fan remembers our old Nuggets so well, pretty sweet.

A snippet:

We had plenty of great point guards in the 90s with John Stockton, Gary Payton, Jason Kidd, and countless others, but there wasn’t a single point guard (no, not even you, Matt Maloney) I liked more than Robert Pack. There was something about the 6’2″ body with the flat top hair flying through the air to dunk on big men that sold me on Pack from the first moment I saw his highlights.

Can Quincy Miller Find Minutes Early This Season With Denver Nuggets? – Cody Williams, Rant Sports
Using a question mark in your title will often get me to click on your article; Ross Martin from Colorado Sports Guys knows what I'm talking about.

A snippet:

At the Las Vegas Summer League, Miller definitely showed off an improved jump shot. Miller shot just 38.3 percent from the floor in six games at Summer League, but actually shot an impressive 9-20 from beyond-the-arc. Granted, this was at Summer League which should always be taken with a grain of salt, but his jumper looked to have a better release point than it had in the past and he obviously had more success with it than he did in the D-League last year.

Hope you all are enjoying your first football Sunday!