Leave all your first half comments right here for tonights Magic vs. Nuggets game.

Who leads the Nuggets in rebounding? How about scoring?

Will Arron Afflalo get a standing ovation tonight and a warm welcome?

George Karl:

On facing Arron Afflalo:

Karl, "Try to make him put it on the floor, keep him out of his sweet spots, keep him away from the corner three, the catch and shoot three, and he's very good in transition and loves to play in the fourth quarter. I think we know what he does well."

On missing Glen Davis:

Karl, "They are fine. It's like last year in February where we went 3-13 and everyone was like, oh you stink, we were playing good basketball, we were just playing against good teams. They have a bad night and luck goes the wrong way and you have nine [losses] in a row. They're the best nine loss basketball team that I've seen in about four or five years."

Nuggets bigs vs. Magic bigs:

Karl, "I hope my bigs understand who they are playing against. I like [Nikola] Vucevic. I liked him in the draft. There are very few guys that I really say, 'I like that guy' and I liked that guy when he was here. And I know that Masai [Ujiri] tried to get him in the trade too. When the trade went down he was trying to get him from Philly."

Karl on Andrew Nicholson:

Karl, "The Nicholson kid was the guy right in front of Evan [Fournier] and we would have taken Nicholson. We actually thought we were going to get a flip-flop to get someplace. I won't mention the team, but one team thought they were smarter than everybody else in the league. And [they thought] we lost because they thought they took the guy we wanted and they took the wrong guy. I won't tell that story because Masai will get mad at me."