One of the perks of having readers and fans all around the globe is that we often get messages from fans with unique interviews, videos, and insights. A few days ago a Serbian reader named Aleksander Babic messaged me to let me know that there was a really interesting, short TV documentary on a local Serbian TV station that had unique footage of Nikola Jokic as a child playing basketball.

Tonight, that same reader sent me a link to the video which was uploaded to YouTube and is now making it’s way right to you. RTS Oko (Radio Television of Serbia) is the station and the documentary, which is exclusively in Serbian, has some interesting videos and photos of Sombor, Serbia – Jokic’s hometown – Jokic’s childhood friends, his horse trainer, his coaches, and much more.

Even though there is not currently a translation (Aleksander said that he may make a translated version of the show for Denver Stiffs in the next couple of days) there is still plenty of really cool stuff for English speaking audiences here in the United States. I’ve put a couple of timestamps below so that you can fast forward and see the highlights. Curiously enough, I learned to read Cyrillic in elementary school and have only used it twice. Once, to complete these Sporcle quiz, and the other, just now to make out certain words like “father,” “Igor,” etc. Really glad I learned that!

We also welcome any translations with timestamps from any of our many Serbian readers. Thanks to RTS Oko and to Aleksander! Enjoy.

3:45 – Shots of Sombor, Serbia

4:30 – Basketball court in Sombor where Nikola and his brothers played

5:20 – Highlights of a very young Nikola playing point guard, scoring, rebounding, and losing his temper

10:07 – Jokic’s dad (I think)

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