A few weeks back we shared a documentary style short feature about Nikola Jokic that was created by RTS Oko (Radio Television of Serbia). One of our Serbian readers, Aleksandar Babic, provided an English translation of that feature and boy is it fascinating. There have been a handful of in-depth stories to come out recently about Jokic’s rise to NBA stardom but this 30-minute documentary is the most comprehensive I have seen.

Some of the highlights include stories of how citizens of Sombor, Serbia – the small town where Nikola Jokic grew up – ask about Jokic as a first lin eof greeting these days. “How many points did he score” has replaced how are you this morning? There’s also the story of how one of the gyms he grew up practicing in did not have a heater so in the winter, players would be forced to play in freezing cold temperatures.

The entire documentary is fascinating. One day Jokic’s life story will make for a fascinating biography, one that is hopefully punctuated with a championship or two here in Denver.

Huge thank you to Aleksandar Babic!