Something we like to do here is find out more about you. This is so we can gather information and contact you a number of times to buy certain products, like blenders and toasters that burn Nuggets logos into toast. Actually, the Nuggets toaster is pretty sweet: click here.

With an 11th place finish last season and a 36-46 record, the Nuggets probably can't wait to put that injury plagued season behind them. But are you still on board? I've heard from people who gave up season tickets for various reasons, but that's not what being a Nuggets fan is about. We ride through the change, through the rough times, and hope to one day call the team we love Champions.

We will be cranking up our covering this week as media day and training camp approach. You'll be overwhelmed with previews, videos, and breakdowns the likes of which … well, you've probably seen somewhat before. But it's a new season!

With that said, we want you lurkers out there to share your Denver Nuggets stories with us. Tell us how you got into the Nuggets, your favorite players, and whatever else you want to share. It's also fun to hear how you found us here on Denver Stiffs. For you regular Stiffs, tell us if you had any chance meetings with players or coaches this off-season or feel free to re-tell your story.

My story: Colorado born and raised. I played hoops on my dirt court growing up. The driveway on our five-acre plot was also pretty slanted, so when you missed a shot in a certain fashion you got to chase after it for about 30 yards. What's funny is that to this day, when I shoot from the elbows in a gym, I still can sort of see that old hoop I grew up playing on. I wasn't just a hoops guy though. I loved baseball and football too. I gave up playing baseball and basketball to focus on football and played from 7th grade until I graduated high school. I still like to say that I was the worst backup left tackle in high school history, although there is no way to fact check that.

Aside from playing sports, I loved writing about them. I still have some old items from middle school, high school, and college where I was writing about sports. I even turned my journalism degree into a sports related one as everything I wrote about was sports.It's just always what I loved doing.

I grew up a die-hard Broncos fan, but also liked watching and attending Nuggets games. I was lucky enough to witness the 1993-94 season, as a sixth grader, and much to the chagrin of our new Sonics friends, that was the best series to watch live. My Nuggets fandom was further cemented when the team drafted my favorite member of the Fab-5, Jalen Rose. It killed me when they traded Rose, but I stuck with the Nuggets. My buddy Rory and I watched the Skita and Nene teams in college and our lovable losers soon transformed with Carmelo Anthony, Andre Miller, Marcus Camby, Nene, and the other guys.

I was lucky enough to start writing for SB Nation's Pickaxe & Roll in 2009 and combine my Nuggets and writing love into one. In 2010, I met up with Andrew Feinstein to discuss merging our blogs. I was worried Andy was a lunatic, as he was the nut who started (his blog had since become Denver Stiffs), but after talking with him and hearing his story – we decided to head in a new direction together. Over the course of the next few seasons, we began trying to get credentialed by the team. It was a long process, but a fair one. I'll always hear the words of a local reporter in my head when it comes to having access: as long as you're fair, you're okay.

The reason I wanted access to my favorite team, was so I could bring the fans closer to the team they (we) love. There are a ton of hoops heads in Denver now. You'll get basketball stories from various Nuggets blogs, the Denver Post, Matt Moore from CBS Sports, Jordan White of Hardwood Paroxysm, and many other outlets in town.

This is shaping up to be a fun season, or at least hopefully a healthy one. We’ll be coming out with season previews and predictions, position previews, and a closer look at the second season coming from Brian Shaw.

Get ready Nuggets fans, but first, share your story!