Michael Malone is in Sombor, Serbia, the hometown of Denver Nuggets superstar Nikola Jokic. As reported on Altitude Radio earlier last week, Malone has plans to go hunting with Jokic and his brothers as well as attend a horse race for Nikola’s new horse. Well, based on this photo from the instagram account of Filipe Eichenberger, Associate Head Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Denver Nuggets, Jokic appears to have himself a winner.

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Jokic is a big fan of horse racing, perhaps even more of a fan of horse-racing than of basketball. Just look at the joy on his face in this photo.

While in Serbia, the Jokic family is also looking to treat Malone to “fish stew,” according to this report on alo.rs.

Denver's coach came to Sombor to make sure that Nicolin's progress was not seen since the NBA season ended. We will take the opportunity to hang out with Meloun (sic), and we have made an interesting program for him. Except for the race, we will take him to hunting, but also on a trip to the Danube. Fishing will be skipped on this occasion, because Jokic are not some fishermen. We'll make fish peppers, which they will have to try. All the Nikolina trainers who came with us were fed in our house and were satisfied and satisfied. I believe that you will like the paprika and Majka, and normally, we will offer other Vojvodina specialties, "said Branislav Jokic for" Alo! "

The adventures of the Nuggets in Serbia has been a great summer side-story. Can’t wait to hear about the hunting trip!