The history of Denver Stiffs has been well worn, and told many times. Andrew Feinstein was famous from … BUT, after ironing out some “issues” with offended denziens who shall remain nameless, he renamed his blog Denver Stiffs. Meanwhile, Nate Timmons had taken over running from Jeremy Wagner (who went on to form Roundball Mining Company on ESPN’s True Hoop Network) on SB Nation, our parent company. In the summer of 2009 a decision was made to combine the blogs and take Andy’s Denver Stiffs moniker, as loving tribute to former Nuggets coach Doug Moe.

What was amazing about Denver Stiffs in the early year was it’s ability to cover things with two writers with two different perspectives. Zany, off-the-cuff personality of Nate Timmons combined with Andrew Feinstein’s wry take on the world was a perfect fit for those people, me included, who loved the Nuggets. SB Nation has an amazing ability to make things fan friendly, and the comment section exploded that first year with great Nuggets conversation with a 53 win squad that was fraught with drama when coach George Karl was diagnosed with cancer in February of 2010.

I was there too, just not an official writer. In the fanpost section of Denver Stiffs I began posting weekly columns called “Weekly Optimism”. I had also gained a reputation for antagonizing Andrew, and just generally being a pest. After the Nuggets were knocked out in the first round of the playoffs I continued down that path … even when news leaked that Carmelo Anthony had yet to sign his contract I was still giving people reasons to be optimistic. In September of 2010 (at the height of the Melodrama) Andrew called me and asked be to become a writer. From that moment on Nate, Andrew and I have been working extremely hard to make the site the go-to place for Nuggets coverage.

You know what? We did it.

Over the years, the three of us have refined our roles with the site. Andrew writes provacitive, opinionated columns. I tend to write historical/business columns that are James Michener-esque in length. Nate gives us the day to day, nuts and bolts, all access coverage of the Nuggets that makes this site so popular. Make no mistake folks, it's hard work doing what Nate does … but I feel fairly safe in saying that what Nate has done the last year has made Denver Stiffs the amazing site that it is. All of us owe a debt of gratitude to his relentlessly hard work because there's no one better at it than Nate.

In 2012 we brought on Colin Neilson, aka Beefy Swats. While providing much-needed game coverage, Colin gives Denver Stiffs a fan perspective that really shines through and cuts through the rabble and gets to the point. His contributions are invaluable and really take the overall perspective here at Denver Stiffs to a whole new level. We are THE go-to site for Nuggets coverage. Period.

The future looks bright here at Denver Stiffs. Rest assured we will continue to work hard for you and provide the best coverage possible. Next week (Thursday in fact) the 2013 NBA Draft will be going down. Denver Stiffs will have a big time presence at Pepsi Center as we give you the breaking news, nuts and bolts, and most likely some thinly-veiled cynicism from yours truly.

We've got your back Denver. Our commitment to you, our fellow Stiffs, is to always give you the complete perspective of the Denver Nuggets. From the roots to the fruits.

However, beyond Nate, Andy, Colin and I … the people who MAKE Denver Stiffs great are our fellow Stiffs who faithfully read, comment on the blog, and those that can even attend Stiffs Night Out (where we all meet up to watch the games). You are the reason we try so hard to make this the best Nuggets news source in the country.

The future looks bright.


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My good friends at FND Films just finished their first movie, it’s called Punching. I’ve been telling you about it since last year. I had the privilege of seeing the world premiere on Friday, and it was amazing … quite an accomplishment for guys in their early to mid 20’s. I’d like to give a shout out to Vinny DeGaetano, Aaron Fronk and Cooper Johnson for having the ability and fortitude to write, produce, direct and act in their own movie. Not only that, it’s damn funny too. Well done guys.

I encourage you to give the movie a watch right here.