These Denver Nuggets simply will not die. Sometimes it’s better to be too young and inexperienced to know you can’t do this – and sometimes it’s just better to be really good. The Nuggets are a bit of both, and despite losing a brutal Game 3 to a terrific Portland Trail Blazers team and throwing away several chances to garner that victory, the Nuggets fought back in Game 4 to even the series and reclaim home court.

How? Some say talent, some say luck. I might suggest sorcery. The first tee shirt Denver Stiffs did while I’ve been a writer had a doughy center emblazoned on it next to the words, “Magic Jokic.” Nothing we’ve seen since then counters the idea that Jokic is imbued with some basketball magic, as all of the greats are. It’s not just skill, or talent, but it’s something extra that turns your head when you watch him, and when you watch this team crawl out of the grave of lesser teams. When Murray sinks those free throws or Barton’s game comes out of its own zombie state at just the right moment, enjoy that magic.

Hear Adam Mares talk about it with noted Nuggets hater/ every team hater Matt Moore from The Action Network in this new episode taped on location in Portland after Denver’s Game 4 victory.