Well that opening night didn’t got as planned. In this episode, Adam Mares recaps the opening night loss to the Jazz and shares his three biggest takeaways including Wilson Chandler’s struggle to draw fouls, Will Barton's hot streak, and Nikola Jokic losing the big vs little battle to Joe Johnson.

Jokic not making an impact down the stretch was disheartening for most fans, and issues with the Nikola Jokic-Paul Millsap DHO are things that can be addressed as the Nuggets get more comfortable with their roster. That needs to happen sooner rather than later, but now that obvious areas of concern are on tape they should be easier to fix.

Also, a big thank you to everyone who came out for Stiffs Night Out and joined us for this season opener. The Nuggets might have struggled out of the gate but the Stiffs were out out force, and it was great to see. It was fun to pair up with the Nuggets organization for the opener, and hopefully we’ll get the chance to do more of these things this year.

Now all we need is for the Nuggets to play all four quarters of the home opener and send their fans home happy.