In today’s edition of the Locked On Nuggets podcast, I am joined by Nate Duncan of the very popular Dunc’d on Basketball podcast. Nate shares his insight on the game against the Trail Blazers and how it was a bit of a microcosm for the Nuggets season. We then revisit the trade between the Blazers and Denver Nuggets to swap Jusuf Nurkic for Mason Plumlee and Nate gives a guess for how Plumlee’s free agency might go. From there we talk about Nikola Jokic and how he can improve this offseason and going forward.

It’s a really fun and informative conversation that touches on a lot of important topics. Be sure to subscribe to the Locked On Nuggets podcast on iTunes and check out the Dunc’d on Basketball podcast. Nate and recurring guest host Danny Leroux are two of my favorite basketball analysts and they do a really great job of breaking down the NBA, salary cap storylines, and much more.