On Friday, Matt Moore came on the show to talk about the Nuggets season, Emmanuel Mudiay’s struggles, potential trade ideas, and much more. Matt is one of the best NBA bloggers around, founder of Hardwood Paroxysm and currently one of the main NBA writers for CBSsports.com. He also frequently hosts the Eye on Basketball podcast.

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Has the Nuggets season been a disappointment so far?
How concerned should we be about Emmanuel Mudiay?
Thoughts on Jamal Murray?
What is the Nuggets record if Gary Harris and Will Barton were healthy all year?
Can the Nuggets be a better defensive team or offensive team?
Should the Nuggets be interested in John Wall and what realistically should they be willing to  give up?

Around the NBA
Which big has the most valuable collection of skills? Embiid, Towns, Davis, Porzingis?
What order would you rank the following young prospects? MIN, PHX, LAL, PHI, DEN

Over rated / Under rated
Chicago Bulls 8-4
Atlanta Hawks 9-2
Indiana Pacers 6-6
OKC Thunder 7-5
Portland Trailblazers 7-6
Rockets 7-5

How many games will the Nuggets win this week? TOR, UTA, CHI, @UTA
Will the Nuggets look better next week than they did this last week?
What will we be talking about next week?

Top 5 players to watch so far this season?