During Denver Nuggets media day, the media was able to pull aside Nikola Jokic for an interview, one of the first times he’s spoken to the media since the end of last season.

Ranging from the improvements he and others must make, to leadership on the team, to the addition of All-Star Paul Millsap, to his interactions with Serbian fans, Jokić opened up on a variety of topics.

One of the interesting takeaways from this interview is how much Jokić looks to Jameer Nelson as a leader. Nelson’s role on the floor for the Nuggets is in limbo this season, but his leadership is not. This is an aspect of Nelson’s game that isn’t appreciated by many but seemingly remains important. Nelson was one of the four players selected by Michael Malone as the council group on certain basketball and non-basketball activities. The group also includes Jokić, Paul Millsap, and Gary Harris.

Take a listen. Really interesting stuff from the Joker!