In a Dahntay Jones-esque move … I'll be leaving the Denver area for a little wedding/vacation.  I will be out of Denver starting tomorrow and wont be returning until Thursday July 16th.

I’ll be counting on all of you loyal Nuggets fans to keep up with the news and post whatever you can in the FanPosts and FanShots sections. You have all been doing a great job staying on top of things and I hope to get in a few posts along the way, but I’ll have to beg, borrow, and steal some internet in order to do so. So, if things get a touch slow or delayed for a few days … you’ll know why.

If anyone happens to care … I’ll be in the Seattle Area for the wedding of a great friend and his lovely bride to be. It’ll be like a Zombie film in Seattle post-Sonics era and I expect to cry outside Key Arena at least twice in my three days there. Then I’ll be taking the train down to Portland to visit another great buddy and former U.S. Marine. Haven’t seen the guy for a few years and I’m sure there will be some whiskey/scotch/bourbon/dark beer flowing. Maybe while I’m there I can grab LaMarcus Aldridge and he’ll be that next big man for the Nuggets we’re all looking for.

Just to tie things back in to the title … Don't worry, I know when I'll be back again.