Once again, our old friend Chris Tomasson get’s the money quote from a player. This time when speaking to Ty Lawson about the Nuggets, the their playoff chances, and a potential finals matchup with the Miami Heat.

Lawson told Tomasson:

But leave it to point guard Ty Lawson to let it be known how good they are.
Lawson vows the Nuggets (50-24) “can get to the NBA Finals’’ and win. Never mind if their Finals foe could be the mighty Heat.
“I think so,’’ Lawson said when asked if the Nuggets could beat the Heat for the title. “They beat us twice early in the year when we weren’t really in sync. We were still trying to find ourselves. So I feel like if we play them now it would be a better game and we could actually beat them.’’

You can find the complete article right here

As this Nuggets team toils away in relative obscurity because, you know, Colorado seems to be a flyover state for much of the National Basketball Association … it’s interesting to see quotes from other teams after they play the Nuggets. Here is one from the Tomasson article above, from P.J. Carlesimo, in reference to coach George Karl:

“I don’t think he gets enough credit for the numbers he puts up year in and year out and the way he adapts (to different personnel),’’ Brooklyn Nets coach P.J. Carlesimo said of Karl. “I think (the Nuggets are) very good. They’re one of the elite teams in the league.’’

It's interesting. While the Nuggets try to find their way the last part of the season without Lawson in the lineup, the way other teams around the NBA look at the Nuggets is very important. How the Nuggets see themselves is much more important. If the team projects this much confidence, I am very encouraged about their chances.


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