Ok, it’s not breaking news. LaLa Anthony essentially confirms what all of us who were around when Carmelo Anthony was being traded to the New York Knicks already knew. She wasn’t a fan of Denver.

Here is the quote that appears in

"Listen, I used to live in Denver with him. If I can live in Denver, I can live anywhere. I just want him to be happy."

Well hey! When the city of Denver unincorporated from Chernobyl in 2012 people should have informed LaLa. Or better yet, someone should tell her we had our humps removed from our backs and now we just walk around moaning like trolls under a bridge.

In all seriousness, all this does is confirm what those of us who were around when Melo was being traded knew … that LaLa wasn't exactly a fan of living in Denver, and was a big factor in Melo unhinging himself from what she viewed as a glorified cow town. You know what, good for LaLa for finally admitting it. Yay!

I never got the feeling Melo cared one way or the other. Seriously. I don't think Melo thought that deeply about whether he liked Denver or not. It was just a place where he played basketball. In that way, I guess, Melo is like alot of basketball players. LaLa on the other hand disliked living here and you know what? That's fine too. At least people don't need to wonder if LaLa was the reason Melo wanted to go to New York.


I’d rather concentrate on people like Danilo Gallinari, Ty Lawson and other Nuggets who seem to be ok with living in our little hamlet that apparently resembles a scene from Mad Max (not Road Warrior…duh).

If LaLa is reading this, I just want you to know that the 3 million people who live on the front range recently received something called the "inter-net" and we are now beginning to read words! Without someones help! So things are looking up for Denver. Thanks for those four years you spent in our little cow town, and we apologize for making you suffer.