The Denver Post's Benjamin Hochman has an informative article up on Kenyon's ailing back. It seems that KMart and Karl are a little less optimistic about his injury than the team's muscle bound trainer Steve Hess.

Said Hess in the article:

“When we hit the playoffs, he’ll be a rock star. . . . In this running-and-jumping sport, is the back susceptible? Of course. But is this (injury) something that’s going to linger? No. We will get this taken care of.”

Full article here.


I hope Hess is correct because like Hochman points out … the Nuggets are a much tougher defensive team with Martin on the floor. Another great aspect Martin brings, no not his 3-point shooting ability this season (14-33 42%), but his rim rattling signature dunks.

Chris Anderson, Nene, JR Smith, and at times Dahntay Jones are capable of a tremendous crowd lifting dunks – but the master is still KMart. Nothing fires up the home crowd or the Nuggets' bench like a good old fashioned put-back dunk or a posterizing in-your-face signature dunk like KMart's.

And he'll let you know just how important each dunk is as he stares into the crowd lingering for just a couple of seconds to hear the roar he just created circulate around the arena.

Get well soon Kenyon.