Linas Kleiza played 14 minutes yesterday with a broken thumb in his right shooting hand.

Perhaps this is why his shooting touch has been a bit off?

From the Nuggets Briefs section of today's Denver Post (paper version):

The Nuggets forward declined to say how he hurt it. It is not an on-court injury.He did not practice Friday because of it. According to Nuggets athletic trainer Jim Gillen, the fracture is at the tip of the thumb and Kleiza is considered day-to-day.

I'd like to see LK healthy going forward as he may have to step out on the floor like he did in Game 3 and play some extended minutes in crucial minutes.


More on the non-call heard round the world:

Watching TNT's pregame show tonight (before Game 4 of the Celtics/Magic game), Charles Barkley pointed out an interesting tidbit along with rolling replay of Melo's final shot.

Barkley had viewers focus on Mark Wunderlich and pointed out how Wunderlich was watching Melo's feet as Melo got close to the three point line to make sure he was behind the three-point line. Sure enough, Wunderlich's head was tilted down and he indeed appeared to be focused on Melo's feet.

All the more reason you'd hope Wright would have bear hugged Melo on that final play and not left the foul call up to chance, which as we've all seen in the NBA countless times will have mixed results.

This viewing that Barkley pointed out gave all the more reason to how Wunderlich didn't see Wright's hack. I believe that Wright's throwing up of his arms and the fact that he was behind Melo with other officials not in the best line of view all played a part to the perfect storm of that foul not getting called.


Houston evens things up 2-2 with the Lakers winning Game 4, 99-87

I was attending the Rockies vs. Marlins game with my family today for Mother's Day. Again, Happy Mother's day mom! We enjoyed brunch at Coors Field before the game and I enjoyed some tasty prime rib and other wonderful food.

Anyhow, I had two of my buddies sending me texts throughout and couldn't believe Houston was up by as many as 29 in the game without Yao. I wish I would have seen that one. These highlights should do.

Talk about resilient. Check out The Dream Shake for more on the Rockets win. Or what went wrong for L.A. on Silver Screen and Roll.



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