Paul Klee from The Gazette, in Colorado Springs, caught up with Tim Connelly about a variety of topics for his recent column: What’s new at Pepsi Center? The Nuggets, for one – well worth the quick read.

A snippet:

The longest contract is Ty Lawson’s deal that ends in 2017.

The Nuggets tried to mess up that flexibility by offering Andre Iguodala too much money for a third option on offense, but they were bailed out when he bolted for Golden State.

“If you look at our books, we can go a bunch of different directions. If you’re not in the Finals last year – if you’re not the Heat – you have to set yourself up for flexibility,” Connelly said. “With our books where they are now, we don’t have any bad contracts. We don’t have any long-term contracts.

“I want to see what this team looks like. If something’s not working, we’ll address it. But we’re definitely not tied down right now.”

Klee and Connelly touch on a few other topics as well. Like the possibility of the Nuggets, being like other teams in the league, and tanking for a high 2014 draft pick. And the 2014 free agent class is brought up, as well.