I was going to write a nice, snappy, about how the Nuggets stood up to the chal-

You know what, I can’t even set that up. This game was such a blowout I was seriously considering leaving Pepsi Center about the end of the first quarter. This was one of those games where you could just tell where things were going. The Kings were tired (got in at 3am last night) after playing the Oklahoma City Thunder in Sacramento on Friday night. Even thought pretty much every Nuggets player looked great (special shout out to Ty Lawson who had 26 points and 6 assists and Andre Iguodala with 20 points and 7 assists. Playing well, son) and even Evan Fournier and Jordan Hamilton did well (8 points respectively for both) this feels like a “pass” game.

The Denver Nuggets took care of business, the Sacramento Kings are a hot mess. Moreover it seems the roster has parts that don’t fit together, and the team doesn’t seem to listen to the coaching staff (Featuring Nuggets All-Time great Alex English). Even though you could probably predict this loss for the Kings, you get the feeling this was made worse by the utter dysfunction of their roster.

DeMarcus Cousins checked out early. Didn’t look like he wanted to be there and sat basically the entire second quarter. The rest of the roster seems to be filled with ball-hogs (Tyreke Evans and Aaron Brooks) and some players who would probably benefit from being on another roster or at the very least under a different coach (Thomas Robinson, Jimmer Fredette). Speaking of Fredette, I’m convinced that he got a bad rap based on last season’s performance. He is quick, and despite being 6’2″ can get off his shot. He just doesn’t get an opportunity with Kieth Smart as coach.

Dunno. I wan't to be extremely complimentary of the Nuggets, but I just can't. This Kings team, combined with their management/sale issues were so bad tonight it was like the Nuggets were playing at the Thornton Town Center Rec League against people from Farmington subdivision. These are professionals on the Kings roster, but it didn't seem like they wanted to be. Maybe, just maybe, a complete dismantling of this roster as is should be in order?

What we can say is the Nuggets, maybe for the first time this year, took a team they SHOULD have beaten and went for the jugular immediately. This is an encouraging sign. Taking care of business is the sign of a good team. Maybe the Nuggets needed all these home games after all?

On a side note, you know hockey started when you get the litany of articles coming out saying "Oh man, Nuggets better watch out or fans will go watch the Avalanche". This is getting old. Denver sports fans are fully capable of liking both teams and they should (even though I don't care for hockey). Lets hope that BOTH teams make it through the season unscathed and ready to go for the playoffs.

Nuggets of Wisdom

Well – on to the next game. The Nuggets really do need to make some hey on this homestand. With the Golden State Warriors losing tonight in Milwaukee to the Bucks the Nuggets now are in sole possession of the 5th seed in the Western Conference. Keep winning you never know the way things will shake out.

Go Team!


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