After appearing in 48 games for the Nuggets in the 2010-11 season, Kenyon Martin produced a career low 8.6 points to go along with 6.2 rebounds. The 34 year-old power forward has been cleared by FIBA, according to Adrian Wojnarowski, and is expected to sign a contract with an NBA team over the weekend and could start playing in games next week. So, where will the former Denver Nugget wind up?

The suitors for K-Mart’s services do not include your Denver Nuggets, but he does have some interesting choices to make. Wojnarowski is reporting that Martin is meeting with the Atlanta Hawks today and that he’s intrigued by the ample amount of playing time available (with the injury to the team’s center Al Horford).

Here is another interesting Tweet from Woj:

Martin’s list of suitors also includes Knicks, Lakers, Spurs. NBA may make a Denver sign-and-trade an unlikely scenario, sources say.

Add to that list above the Miami Heat (who ESPN reported have already offered K-Mart a contract) and the Los Angeles Clippers. Howard Beck of the New York Times is reporting that the Knicks are hot-and-cold for Kenyon as they are focusing more on J.R. Smith, when he becomes available.

So when can Smith and Wilson Chandler return? Well, it was believed that the Chinese Basketball League wasn’t going to allow Martin to sign with an NBA team until the CBA season was over, but FIBA overruled or stepped in and is allow Martin to return earlier than expected.

Smith's team is struggling a bit, but Chandler's squad appears to be a lock to make the playoffs. So, J.R. Swish could return to the NBA my mid-February (like Martin was supposed to) and Chandler may still be unavailable until late-March as it all depends on how his team does in the post-season.

The FIBA ruling is somewhat of a surprising one and if it had some sooner, it could have led to Chandler tanking some games to get back to the real League (joking).

So, where do you think Martin will wind up?

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