Our media day coverage continues as Jeff, Adam and Andy make their way through player interviews. Next up on the docket is Kenneth Faried aka The Manimal:

On last season – "First thing, a year ago is behind me. The past is the past. I'm moving forward and looking forward. I'm excited overall about this season."

On being more than just the Manimal – "I'm working on my offensive game to be better, even if that's free throws, hitting my mid-range, even stepping out to the three…the Manimal side comes out when I'm doing a dunk, a rebound or blocking a shot defensively but offensively it's still the Manimal because you might get dunked on, or I might just bury a jump shot in your face."

On stepping out for three – "I went one for six, a lot of them in and out…Steph Curry didn't hit every shot in the playoffs. If you're in the gym you're practicing and that's what I'm doing. I'm shooting my mid range, then I step out and shoot the three and I do repetition and get used to the mechanics. I've gotten better."

On playing with Mudiay – "He's a passer first which for me is great…His court vision is amazing so I'm excited to see how he throws those lobs and pinpoints those passes when he goes to the lane and drops them off like Ty (Lawson) used to do."

On playing faster this year – "You know me, as long as I get to run I'm having fun."

On playing defense – "I think I am a good enough player to switch onto any player in this league and guard them and keep them in front. If I'm not able to do that on that particular play, its called team defense, it's a team game. My team is going to help me just like I'm going to help them when they need help."

On Ty Lawson getting trading – "Basketball. Its the nature of the beast. I'm not part of the business side, I'm part of the basketball side…it hurt me because that's my best friend, but nature of the beast."

On this season's roster – "I see youth and inexperience that is going to surprise a lot of people and run people ragged…I feel a sigh of relief because I can play my game some more."

On his conditioning coming into camp – "I'm in great condition. It's pretty scary because I'm already season ready…I've came in at the weight I want to be at right now, 215lbs."

On not playing for Team USA this summer – "I've got fresher legs without Team USA but also Team USA gave me more experience than I got this summer just with how to be a leader…for me now it's put everything together, what I learned last summer, what I learned this summer and hopefully I can be the leader and the player that I want to be…not just talk about being a leader but be about it."

On being one of the most experienced players on the team – "I know I have a big role this year. I'm the highest paid player on the team. I have to come out and perform like that each and every night. I may not have 20-10 a night, but as long as I'm doing the little things defensively and offensively to help my team win then I'm fine with that."

On pick and roll defense – "I love switching, it makes things a lot easier. You switch on a player and I can keep him in front and make him not take the three but a long two or even if they go to the hole and try to score I'm quick enough and athletic enough to go get it."

On small ball – "I love playing small ball because its quick, fives can't keep up with you. I like to play it later in the game, slow down the fives first and then let me run you ragged."

On Coach Malone – "Me and him talked at USA training camp. I came to him and we had a great conversation. Me and him were just going back and forth and it felt like Steve Hess in the weight room. It felt great for me to be able to talk to a coach and he had the same energy level as me. I feel as though he embraced me as soon as we met. He said 'I love the way you play, I want you to play like that, we're just going to expand some things with you.' That was just a sigh of relief."