In today’s episode of the Locked On Nuggets podcast, I give my notes on the Denver Nuggets’ win over the Los Angeles Clippers. Will Barton had a career high 35 points to lead the Nuggets in scoring. It was his second game coming out of a prolonged slump and the Nuggets are a different team when he is hitting his shots.

The story of the game, to me, was the return of Kenneth Faried. I’ve long talked about the value of Faried alongside Nikola Jokic but those same things may also be true of his fit next to Mason Plumlee. When Jokic and Faried shared the court, the Nuggets dominated, outscoring the Clippers by 12 points in just 9 minutes. When Faried played alongside Plumlee, the Nuggets found similar success, outscoring opponents by 11 points in 9 minutes. It was just one game but it is enough to make me very intrigued by the long-term fit of Faried here in Denver. He’s long been thought of as an expendable piece but with Plumlee in the fold, Faried might be the perfect fit on this team at the power forward slot. And he’s just 27 years old!