Carmelo may have set the pace, but big news out this morning with LeBron James reportedly deciding to also opt out of his contract with the Miami Heat. Is he helping clear space for another Heat run, or has King James set his sights on something new (including joining a team with Melo)?

This sort of a shakeup is rare across the league, with things so uncertain that several Las Vegas sports books have apparently suspended NBA betting until the dust of these impacts settles enough to wrap their heads back around.

What will this mean for the Miami Heat? Or the Cleveland Cavaliers? Or the multitude of other teams mentioned in the last three weeks over all these gyrations (apparently the Atlanta Hawks and Los Angeles Lakers are both trying to find ways to get a LeBron-Melo tandem into play). Most importantly, what does all of this mean for your Denver Nuggets? Will any of this impact an already wild Western Conference this season?

What's the word, Stiffs?