Almost one year ago the Phoenix Suns needed to do a salary dump.  They dealt Kurt Thomas to the Seattle Supersonics along with two first round picks, simply to have the Sonics take Thomas' $8 million salary off their hands.   

The main thing to keep in mind when comparing the Thomas trade to Seattle with the trade of Marcus Camby to the Clippers is Thomas was in the last year of his contract.  The Sonics received another first round pick when they traded Thomas to the Spurs at the deadline last February.  The Sonics were taking on less salary and a shorter more valuable contract than the Clippers just did, but it still cost Phoenix two first round picks to get Seattle to do the deal. 

Granted, the Sonics did not really want Thomas as a player, just his contract, and the Clippers do want Camby, but considering what the Suns had to sacrifice just to dump Thomas' cheaper salary and shorter contract (compared to Camby) that makes the Nuggets trade of Camby to the Clippers look even better.