Wanted to pass along Benjamin Hochman's latest Nuggets mailbag from the Denver Post.

Readers asked about KMart's shooting range, Karl's relationship with JR Smith and why Denver traded for Johan Petro. Benjamin asked Karl and has some great quotes from him in the article.

On why Denver dealt for Petro over a more experienced big man:

“Insurance. Size. When you look at our team against some in the West, in a seven-game series, you need more size. You’re not talking about 20 minutes a game, you’re probably talking over a seven-game series, 70 minutes. But there are those opportunities where size is an insurance policy. And I think Petro can play in the league. My chore is — OK, do I take minutes from Chris Andersen? And I think I’m cheating Chris in minutes now as it is. And sometimes the stress of win-lose takes away from experimenting.”