In an interview with Sandy Clough and Marc Moser on 104.3 the Fan, Nuggets coach George Karl made the claim that the Lakers are “hitting (Kenneth Faried) illegally, and that was a pretty cheap shot last night and it fired the team up so much…”

Interesting stuff from Karl. Charles Barkley on TNT after the game said Kobe Bryant should have been ejected for that hit, calling it a flagrant 2 foul. Others have called it merely a hard playoff foul. If Karl is right, that hit may have provided even more impetus and incentive for the Nuggets going in to game 7 in Los Angeles. Watch the play right here.

Karl also said that he would think that the returning Metta World Peace would play Andre Miller primarily, particularly down the stretch. Which is an interesting observation. I’m inclined to believe that World Peace would be on Danilo Gallinari primarily but you never know what Game 7 will hold.