The Denver Post’s Benjamin Hochman, Mr. Treadmill himself, is reporting that George Karl has added Vance Walberg to his coaching staff.

Walberg, famously, was the innovator of the dribble-drive motion offense. -Hochman, read the whole article here.

Hochman had another very good piece on Walberg and his work with the Nuggets last season, right here.

This appears to be Walberg's first NBA job and he was most recently with the University of Massachusetts from 2008-2011 as an assistant coach. And before that he was the head coach at Pepperdine from 2006-2008. Walberg is 56 years-old and has been in the coaching game since 1978 when he playing career appeared to have ended.

Hochman notes that Walberg spent some time with the Nuggets last season, in an unofficial role.