Last week, the Bosnian National team lost in disappointing fashion to the Russians. Toward the end of the game there was some turmoil as Mirza Teletovic attacked the young and up-and-coming, Dzana Musa, forcing the teenage Musa into tears. It's unclear what exactly happened but it was a very bad look for Teletovic and clearly there are some strong emotions flying around this Bosnian team. Toward the end of the video, Nurkic appears to get into a shouting match with a fan.

Today, Nurkic updated his Instagram account with a picture of him holding his leg and a very ominous caption. It appears as though he is unhappy with how the Bosnian fans are treating him and their lack of appreciation for his commitment.

A redditor going by GorillaTripping provided the following translation:

"Had an injury, they say, doesn't want to play, made up an injury, no good. He comes to play, no good. He gives his all, no good yet again. However you look at it, it's no good. Am I troubling you so much and why? Besides that, I'm with these guys to the end, and after everything you've thrown at me I will thoroughly consider my national team career. Liars and primitives! And another thing, the way we travel is not decided by me, but by the association and the coaching staff.If I wanted to be separated from the team I wouldn't have come."

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