Ben Taylor is the author of THINKING BASKETBALL, and the creator of the Thinking Basketball YouTube page and podcast. Last week, he made a fantastic deep-dive video on Nikola Jokic and what makes him such an impactful player. The video mixes highlights, graphic visuals, and analysis to explore what makes Jokic such an effective passer, his best attributes as a scorer, and where his 2018-19 season ranks among his peers. It’s a must-see video for all Denver Nuggets fans.

In this episode, I am joined by Ben Taylor to discuss his thoughts on the Jokic’s upside, where he ranks historically as a passer, what kinds of players fit best around him and the odds that Jamal Murray turns into a star. We also compare Jokic’s game to Bill Walton, Alvan Adams, Arvydas Sabonis, and Larry Bird. Lastly, Ben talks about which players in Denver Nuggets history stand out as all-time greats. 

There’s also a lot of great writing on Ben’s website, Last year, Ben went deep into the film and numbers to try and figure out which players deserved to be ranked in the top 40, all-time. He has a really fresh and interesting perspective about comparing teams and players across eras and does a great job of showing how key rules and trends of every era influences the style of play and data.