Today is the day that makes everything that happened since July 1st official, this is the day that things can also change. It's NBA Signing day folks. The day that trades and free agent verbal agreements that have been entered into for the last 9 days comes into fruition.

So the Nuggets “sign and trade” featuring Andre Iguodala, a second round draft pick, Randy Foye, a trade exception, and the Utah Jazz comes into play. This is also the day that the redundant signing of J.J. Hickson can be made official. So expect notices of “official” signing all throughout the day.

Additionally the new salary cap and new tax threshold have been announced.

So the cap is actually $179 thousand more than we thought it was going to be. This makes the "Hard cap apron" at about $75 million. Right now the Nuggets are at roughly $60 million depending on the official salary numbers of both J.J. Hickson and Randy Foye.

This is the place to put all your official signing day thoughts. Will there be any breaking news? We shall find out today.