Owner of the Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche, Josh Kroenke sat down for an interview with Dave Krieger of 850 KOA to talk about both organizations. While there’s nothing too revealing in the piece, Kroenke does talk about some subjects of interest … like the health of Danilo Gallinari, the status of JaVale McGee, and his vision of the future with the squad.

You can read the interview right here.

Its funny to think, after the Nuggets had their own form of Festivus (Begin the airing of grievances!) last Thursday, the team has been playing with much more fire and vigor. However, there has been an enormous change in scheme. The Nuggets are running much, much more and … as Ty Lawson pointed out to us in the locker room last night, the team is posting up far less. Which is a big change. Lawson indicated that post players were clogging the lane and making it very difficult for him to drive. Now, the team is getting out with speed and fast breaking quite a bit.

Another article that came out this morning was from Chris Dempsey of the Denver Post. He talks about the Nuggets standing to recoup half of Gallo’s salary for each game once he crosses the 41 consecutive games missed threshold, which he will after the Nuggets play the Thunder on Thursday. I always get very, very uneasy when articles like this come out. I personally don’t like the subject of “savings” to come up when a player is going through a major injury, legitimate aspect of the discussion or not. Let’s hope Gallo get’s back to the playing court very soon so he can help the Nuggets win.

The combination of these two articles, plus the Nuggets dramatic change in style from last week to this week has made it a roller coaster ride. What and WHO are the Denver Nuggets. As Andrew Feinstein pointed out in his column on Monday, the Nuggets lack an identity. The search for the identity has been one of the more interesting and frustrating plot points to this season. It seems that Shaw has now tightened the rotation (sticking with 9 man rotation) and the team is running teams out of the gym. Are the Nuggets becoming a running team again? We will find out.

Nate and I will be recording the CSG podcast this afternoon. We have great Nuggets audio that we compiled over the last couple of days. Can't wait for everyone to hear it!