The Dig is a semi-monthly analysis of the dominant narrative defining the previous stretch of games. This episode’s theme: Are the Nuggets Gold or Fool’s Gold?

The Nuggets are off to a hot start. But, there’s some major inconsistencies between some current struggles and what worked so well in previous seasons. The question bodes: will these struggles catch up in the “lose” column of the remaining schedule or are the improvements in other areas enough to keep the wins piling up?

Recorded before the Memphis game, Nick Hertzog and Jeremy Poley discuss the Nuggets’ hot start, compare Gary Harris to green chili, and argue about Jamal Murray’s role moving forward.

4 Tests for Real Gold (2:05)

Gold or Fool’s Gold (8:45) | Topics include the Nuggets’ defense, Jokic’s assist numbers, Millsap’s Defense, do Murray or Harris make an all-star appearance.

A Haiku for You, Broncos Fans (28:45)

Fill in the Blank (29:21) | Topics include the Nuggets record, Jokic’s reluctance to shoot, the City unis, Murray’s shot for 50, and Steven Avery.

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