The year 2012 gave us alot to savor in the basketball world. Particularly with these Denver Nuggets, as certain highlights stand head and shoulders above the rest as a tribute to our (so-called) “starless” team in the Mile High City. Lets start by examining the best of our Denver Nuggets in four separate visual aids!

Best of: Denver Nuggets 2012

Rudy Fernandez‘ Incredible No-Look Lob to Faried (via NBA)

I have to admit, this video makes me miss Rudy Fernandez just a bit. This play was Kenneth Faried’s first score in a regular season game and coincidentally it came right at the beginning of the year. Probably one of the best highlights of the past few years for the Nuggets.

Danilo Gallinari no look behind the back pass to Kenneth Faried (Celtics vs Nuggets) (via Edwardisavampire2009)

On St. Patrick’s Day 2012, the Nuggets played the Boston Celtics and Danilo Gallinari provided one of his best highlights in a highlight filled year (seriously, clutch shots, a couple big dunks … didn’t realize he had that many). Every time I see this highlight I keep wondering how he saw the Manimal. Also it dawns on me that Gallo likes to show off, and that was clearly a show off move. Worked though.

Iguodala Spins and Slams | Timberwolves vs Nuggets | NBA 2012-13 Season Nov 21, 2012 (via MsJonaVideo)

This game, or rather this highlight, was the first real play that signaled Andre Iguodala had “arrived” as a Nuggets player. He showed off his athleticism and playmaking ability all in one fell swoop. While it continues to be an on again/off again proposition for AI, it seems that the light has started to flip on and the Gallo and Iggy combination in the starting lineup, though redundant, can be a very potent weapon.

JaVale McGee 21 points (7 dunks) vs Lakers full highlights (2012 NBA Playoffs GM5) (via kietasss)

4 years, $44 million. You can thank this performance against the Los Angeles Lakers in the 2012 NBA Playoffs as a primary reason JaVale McGee got paid. While Andre Miller was probably a primary reason McGee was so productive in this game, nevertheless it was one of the highlights of a very tough series against the Lakers. While McGee has shown promise he has been wildly inconsistent and Nuggets fans are still waiting for that “moment” when JaVale justifies his millions.

What are your top favorite Nuggets highlights of the last year? I had to severely cut down my list of top highlights in order to make four. Sometimes you get so caught up in the ebb and flow of a season, it's hard to adequately appreciate how awesome these moments are.

Jeff's favorite youtube channels

Because this is a "best of" column, here are a couple of my favorite youtube channels currently rocking my world. (Feel free to let us know what your favorites are below in the comments, as well as your favorite Nuggets highlight of the last year)

FND Films – Black (via Fronk2107)

I'm sure everyone is sick of me promoting these guys at FND Films, but you know what … they deserve all the attention they can get. Consistently funny and most importantly intelligent comedy sketches. These guys were featured on Tosh.O for their video Celery, and their video from 5 years ago called Annoying has now has over 21 million views!!. I've laughed at everything these guys have ever produced and it's well worth checking out.

My second favorite youtube channel features an English fellow named Helloween4545. Who is this you ask? Well, in the last few years it seems, Let’s Play’s have become all the rage. Simply put people record themselves playing video games. Some record with their own voice over the top, some don’t. No one can top this gentleman. If you enjoyed Mystery Science Theater 3000 in the 90’s or enjoy Rifftrax now, here is your best bet. Helloween is extremely funny. Often scares himself (he specializes in horror games) and is always funny, particularly when he’s raging about the mechanics or poor gameplay of a certain game. All done with the sardonic wit that only our cousins from across the pond seem to have. This man does good work, and if you are a dork/nerd like me you will love this channel.

Ok folks, you have alot to digest there. What are your favorite Nuggets highlights of the year?


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