There isn’t much time left before the regular season starts for the Denver Nuggets, with media day coming next week, and training camp to follow.

That means that for the players on the team, the fun summer vacations, basketball camps, and offseason hobbies can be put to rest, and it’s time to start getting back on the court. It’s time to see if the workouts, drills, and training can come together as each player tries to improve themselves for the upcoming year.

One of the players on the Nuggets roster that might be in line for an increase in minutes is former Kentucky Wildcat Jarred Vanderbilt. Vanderbilt only played 69 minutes last season, but played well during the 2019 Summer League, showing the potential that the team hoped to see when they traded up in the second round to acquire him.

Those skills that flashed during Summer League were on display again, with Vanderbilt sharing a video on his Instagram page that shows him hitting deep 3-pointers, off-the-dribble jumpers, and flashing a handle that will definitely make Coach Malone give up the ghost if he tries it during a regular season game.

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