Player interviews are underway. Here are some quotes from Jameer Nelson:

  • on who won paintball when the team gathered for a bonding activity: "not my team"
  • on what led him to want to come back to Denver: "I like the organization first of all, teammates are great, the city, the fans, everything. It's a sports town, and I grew up in a sports town in Philadelphia."
  • on Mudiay: "a lot more mature than his age, going to have some tough times this year, we're all here for that reason to help him get through those times"
  • on similarities between him and Mudiay: "two totally different games"
  • on leading: "not going to overstep boundaries, but I'm going to do my part to help lead the team"
  • on coaching later on: "a lot of years left to play, I have a pretty good name in the league," "if I can take what I built on the court to coaching or the front office, I can do that, right now I'm just focused on playing"