Media Day is off and running before it really is even off and running! First interesting tidbit to come out of the day is that Jameer Nelson will be making a number change this season. Previously the owner of #28, it would appear from the photo in Blake Olson's tweet that Nelson is now going with the classic #1. Always been a fan of a PG owning #1. To me it's symbolic of a position which requires a ton of leadership and also serves, generally, to set a play in motion on offense.

Time will tell if Jameer can live up to the billing that comes with wearing #1 as former Nugget point guard greats Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf and Chauncey Billups wore it very well. Now, there may have been the veritable "who dat" type of guys such as Darwin Cook, Corey Gaines and Adonis Jordan who donned the #1 for the Nuggets in the past as well, but let's not sweat the details!