Jamal Murray spoke to the media today about the offseason he had, including improvements to his body and to his game.

On putting on “good” weight

Been working hard this offseason with my dad. Eating my mom’s cooked food. It’s been an all-around effort. My family has done a good job with me.

On how much weight he’s added

I’d say like 15. 15 lbs. It’s good weight, too. I’m going to try to play with this weight too, as long as I can. It makes a difference. When I drive, I can feel my body a little better, I can take more hits. My biggest thing is I can switch on bigger guys playing defense in the post. That’s my biggest priority right now, playing defense.

On the team’s focus on defense

We know if we can’t play defense it’s going to be a struggle. That’s my biggest focus, that’s the team’s biggest focus.

On Isaiah Thomas

He’s been here everyday, working out and stuff. Working on his rehab. He’s been a great attitude, great voice for the team. He talks a lot, he has a voice. People listen to him.

On Nikola Jokic and Will Barton getting big contracts

Oh it’s very refreshing. It was great to hear. I was happy for them, happy to see everybody striving. Happy to see the core still together.

You don’t want to have a team where all of the pieces go all over the place.

On who is the better shooter, him or Mark Price

Me. We discussed that already. He shot, what? 94%? I shot 90. I’m gonna get it this year. We’re going to have this conversation again.

On playing a free-flowing style of offense right away

That’s what we’re used to. It’s not like we have to get back into it. We already know that we want to play fast, we want to move the ball, get up and down, and share the ball which is the biggest part. It’s going to come natural.