While at this point in the offseason NBA fans are drudging their way through the summer, stars like Jamal Murray are putting in work. And for Murray, who underwent surgery earlier this summer, that means getting his legs back under him.

If you follow the Nuggets guard on any kind of social media, you’ll know that his recovery is going quite well.

Currently Murray is back in Las Vegas for the Adidas LVL3 event, and since he missed out on the NBA Summer League a few weeks ago it seems like he’s trying to make up for lost time. And that means he’s taking it out on anyone at any chance he gets, including fellow 2016 draft pack Jaylen Brown of the Boston Celtics.

As bad as that was, Murray also absolutely murdered this next guy. RIP homie.

Havin 2 much fun out here in Vegas #LVL3 #3stripes @fchwpo 😂😂😂

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Does anyone know who this man is so his family can claim the body? That was INSANE!

Murray’s dunk wrath has no bounds. Even camp counselors in the middle of nowhere, North Dakota, are falling victim. Jamal even pulled a fast one on the poor guy before using him as a prop for his show.

And when he can’t find anyone to embarrass or potentially end their career (sorry not sorry Jaylen), Murray is still working hard so he can throw down when it truly counts.

Shoutout to Steve Hess – I’ve never seen anyone so excited about a granola bar before.

Murray is an athletic freak and it’s crazy that he played all 82 games as a rookie with two sports hernias. Now that he’s had those repaired, we can only imagine how many more highlight reel dunks we’ll see from him in 2017-18.

The only thing missing between now and then is Murray’s version of the “Drive-by Dunk Challenge”. We’re waiting, Jamal.

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